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Happy first week of real Spring! Every few months, like clockwork, I spend some quality time at Shoppers Drug Mart and pick out a few drugstore skincare products – some which I love and needed to restock and others which I’ve wanted to try for some time. As you can tell, most of the products address dehydrated and oily, tired, seasonal allergy (redness) prone skin. Notice how I said dehydrated and oily is because they go hand in hand! On to the products:

  1. Garnier Moisutre Bomb Sheet Mask – I’ve put it in the corner for a reason – it sucks so bad. There was so much hype and marketing around this product that I decided to pick it up. For something that calls itself ‘moisture bomb’ should give you moist and wet skin. This did the complete opposite! I loaded up on serums and put this mask on. My skin felt MORE dehydrated after! The reason for this is that alcohol is the 4th ingredient and hyaluronic acid is 24th ingredient… It was my fault for not reading the ingredients and just following the hype. VERDICT: pass!!! If you can still find any of the Indeed Labs Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Masks, which I believe they have discontinued, grab those instead!
  2. Indeed Labs inDefence 30 – Moisturizer and zinc SPF all in one! Zinc is the king of sunscreens. Normally sunscreen breaks me out but I’ve had no issues yet. I make sure to cleanse twice and also remove any makeup with micellular water before cleansing to make sure its really off my skin. It is white and does leave a white film on the skin but it doesn’t last. It feels like normal moisturizer after a minute on the skin. Works great under foundation. VERDICT: grab!! Great drugstore sunscreen for a good price! Also didn’t break me out!
  3. Indeed Labs hydraluron – Bae. Best thing for dehydrated skin. I’ve been using this one for years and pick it up any time I’m getting low. Super easy to use clear gel. I must have reviewed it 10 times on this blog. VERDICT: Must. Have.
  4. PIXI Hydrating Milky Mist – Hydrating mist with hyaluronic acid and black oat. It feels really nice. I like the quality of the mister and the packaging overall. Not sure about how well it works because I already layer so much hydrating stuff on before but so far I like it. VERDICT: If you want more moisture, a good pick but be aware, there is fragrance.
  5. PIXI Glow Tonic – I’ve known about this magic glycolic toner for many many years before it was available in Canada. When it finally came to Canada, the price was so crazy for me that I haven’t picked it up until I really needed an exfoliating toner. Not a big fan of the fragrance but otherwise, this makes my skin feel amazing! Be aware not to overuse because it might dry out your skin! Build up use from twice to 4 times a week. Not everyone is able to use this every night. VERDICT: Probably the only drugstore exfoliating toner that I know of so yes, pick one up. Be aware of the fragrance.
  6. Indeed Q10 Booster – AMAZING. Read my review of all of the boosters here. This is my 2nd bottle and I’m already half way through it so that should say something. Best product ever and very low cost for such high effectiveness. VERDICT: Must. Must. Have.
  7. La Roche-Posay Serozinc – Similarly to the PIXI Glow Tonic,  I’ve known about this forever. When it came to Canada a few years ago, I didn’t need it at the time but lately have been dealing with stressed and red allergy prone skin so decided to five this a go. I love it! I have noticed smaller pores and less oil with less redness. My skin feels more calm and comfortable. I’ve seen lots of people use this by spraying on a cotton pad and then rubbing on the face in the toner step. I use this as my second toner and just spray it on. VERDICT: Grab this if you have oily large pores and generally oiliness. Great for acneic skin.
  8. Avene Thermal Water Spray – This is kind of a Bougie product but I have a specific purpose for it – boost my hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid works by picking up water from the surroundings and in the skin to plump and boost moisture in the skin. After and/or before applying hydraluron, I give a good spray of this water and let it sit. I have noticed a difference with and without it. VERDICT: Not required but nice to combine with your hyaluronic acid products for an extra boost.
  9. Nuxe Creme de Miel Lip Balm – I really don’t need another lip balm but have noticed that my lips have been dryer than usual lately. This product is literally magic. Its so luxurious and feels and smells like Manuka honey. Love! This also makes a really nice gift. The stick version is not the same. I don’t like that you have to stick your finger in but its totally worth it. VERDICT: Do you want nice, soft and plump lips? Yes? Get it.
  10. WELEDA Skin Food – A staple. A countless repurchase. I usually use this for my hands because I wash them a lot at work, but this time I picked it up for my face because I heard that Victoria Beckham covers herself in this so I decided to try it. I put in on as my very last step at night. After all the water based hydrating mists, spray and serums, I rub a pea sized between my hands to warm it up and then lightly press into my skin. This is a very dense and heavy cream so its not for putting under foundation during the day. I recommend to use it at night and marinade in this stuff. Glow up. VERDICT: Must have. Not just for face. Elbows, feet, legs, butts, any dry skin, etc. Update: This did break me out when I used it day to day. But when I used it on the plane as a final barrier after all the hyaluronic acid and water based products – it didn’t break me out but made my skin super oily.

Do you guys have any drugstore favourites? Have you tried any of these products? Comment below!


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