My Experience with Lash Extensions

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Since I’ve been getting busier and have less time to focus on getting ready each day – I’ve adopted the high maintenance to be low maintenance theory – microblading my eyebrows, lash extensions. etc.

If you are like me and constantly struggle with short lashes – lash extensions are the way to go! I just got my lashes done at The Beauty Corner with Polina and wanted to write about my experience – because they were so much more than what I expected! I went to the same place mentioned in my last post about getting a lash tint and perm. Polina at The Beauty Corner is a very experienced lash artist and her work is absolutely amazing. Before getting lash extensions, I, of course, did quite a bit of research and wanted to compare my experience to what I found.

Although it is not necessary, I did have a perm and lash tint a few weeks prior and that actually made it easier for the lash extensions to sit. Normally my lashes are very straight and can point downwards. Before the appointment, I made sure to not wear any makeup around my eyes and didn’t have any coffee/caffeine beforehand. I gotta say this was a tough one because I love coffee first thing Saturday morning, though it was worth it for the lashes I left with. Caffeine before your appointment makes the artists job harder because your eyes are constantly fluttering and fidgeting.

During the appointment, I didn’t feel a thing or have any discomfort while Polina was working her magic and gluing over 300 individual lashes to each eye! I got the Russian Volume set which has way more lashes than the Classic set. Polina also used silk lashes because they were similar to real hair in texture. The appointment took 1.5 hours with 15 minutes of consultation. I didn’t know what look I wanted going in and I trusted Polina to customize the lashes to my eye and make it look glam but still on the natural side. Here is my before and after:

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The most unexpected thing was for me was that the lashes were so light and airy. I loved it! I thought with over 300 and sometimes even 400 eyelash extensions per eye that they would be heavy. But I didn’t feel a thing! The lashes really opened up my eyes way more than I could ever before with makeup alone. They always made me look wide awake even when I wasn’t. Polina gave me a few different spoolies for brushing out the lashes and a very helpful aftercare card.

After the appointment, you can’t wet your face for 24 -48 hours. Which means no sweating, saunas, pools, showers, etc. For my evening skincare, I just used my R+F gauze with micellular water to remove any face makeup – doing my best not to touch my eyes.

Although the point of lash extensions is that you won’t need to wear eye makeup but don’t be afraid to if you want to! Just be careful when removing eye makeup. Use an oil-free eye makeup remover and a q-tip. Do not use a cotton round or gauze as it will pull on the lashes! Make sure not to rub but gently remove. This definitely taught me to be more gentle on my eyes as I love rubbing eye makeup off even though I know it’s going to cause some wrinkles down the line. Sleeping on your face is also a big no-no and to be honest, not very comfortable if you have long extensions. Sleeping on your face is a bad idea even if you don’t have lash extensions because it can cause premature wrinkles and even acne if you don’t change your pillowcase regularly.

You want to avoid any oil based products around your eyes. Although touching your new lashes is not recommended, cleaning them regularly is key to keeping them for longer. Oil is the worst thing for the lash extensions glue. Removing any oil you can with an oil-free lash cleanser or even just micellular water can help them last much longer. If your lids get especially oily during the day, you can even use oil blotting papers to get rid of any oil at the base of your lashes. I haven’t tried any of the lash extensions cleansers on the market, but any of them will do the job.

Some of my own lashes fell out because they were fully grown and fell out naturally, not because of the extensions. Though I actually found that my normal lashes are growing back thicker than before – maybe because I didn’t use a mascara and rub my eyes like I normally do.

Overall, there is an adjustment period to your beauty and everyday routine, but I found that they were totally worth it! They saved me so much time when getting ready in the morning and in general. They also forced me to sleep on my back, something I’ve been trying to teach myself for years and stopped me from rubbing my eyes, something I do often when working at the computer.

Although there is definitely maintenance involved, the more you take care of them the longer they will last and you can get a fill instead of getting a full set each time. I think next time I’m going to go for a Classic Set! I’m hooked! πŸ™‚

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My Experience with Lash Extensions