Customize your Skincare with Indeed Labs Boosters

Play chemist and customize your own skincare with booster serums! A few companies have come out with one or two active ingredient boosters which can be added to your serums, moisturizers or even used on their own. Deceim/The Ordinary is doing it. Obviously, Glossier is on the train, calling them supers. Skin Inc. is doing it by making custom serums and your very own drugstore favourite – indeed labs is doing it too! I’ve been lucky to have won a gift from Indeed Labs on Instagram and received all of the boosters to try. Thank you again indeed labs! At first, it was a bit overwhelming adding 6 new products to my routine. I’ve had them sitting on my bathroom counter for the last several months and one day, I just grabbed one and started incorporating them into my routine. I started using them one by one and then just started making booster soup on my face every morning and night. So here are my thoughts on the indeed labs boosters:

Hydration – Lets start with the most popular one. Indeed labs have been very popular with their hydraluron with the help of Caroline Hirons and I mean the rest of the world. I remember it was my first drugstore skincare purchase and I still pick it up on special sometimes because it really never fails you when you need some moisture. The hydration booster is a bit different. Its a proper glycerin based serum and not a clear hyaluronic acid gel like hydraluron. It also contains niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, which does so many things like increase elasticity, increase the barrier function of your skin, and so many other anti-aging benefits. The serum also contains Revidrate™ which enables the skin to recreate its own natural moisture by regulating the water and lipid balance in the skin.* I loved this serum the most and ran out of it the fastest. I’ve been experimenting with putting this serum on right after washing my face, onto a wet face and found that it did help bring even more moisture into my skin! Try it with your hyaluronic acid!

Q10 – This one was a total wild card for me. I wasn’t even really sure that Q10 was or what it did – I remember it from watching cream of Olay commercials when I was little but thats as far as I knew about it – until I tried it. I put it on at night with some of the hydration serum and went to bed. The next morning – I could not believe my eyes. Honestly. My skin looked so smooth – like glass. Moisturized, fresh, glowing like the sun. What. Is. In. This. Serum. Let me tell you – Coenzyme Q10 protects skin from wrinkle formation, free radicals and UV damage. Its blended with Vitamin E to lock in moisture and prevent oxidation of the skin surface lipids. It also contains a stable blend of Vitamin C. Wow! Talk about a powerful concentrate of good stuff. If you were to buy just one of the boosters – here you are. Get this one. Stop reading and just go get it.

Radiance – This one I didn’t really experience much of a difference in my skin compared to  Q10 and hydration. It has glycerin and two proprietary ingredients – Vivillume® and Phytenso™. Vivillume a plant-based active that restores skin’s radiance while helping to reduce the appearance of aging.* Phytenso is is a vegetable-derived biolipid complex that provides conditioning and calming to the skin.* I found that because I was always mixing several boosters at the same time, I wasn’t seeing the glow radiance due to this booster alone.

Resistance – Similarly to the Radiance booster, I didn’t really get to try this one on its own although based on the product, it should be the one I use the most. Its meant to shield your skin against the environment and UV rays. Its also meant to help reduce breakouts and keep your skin nourished by helping to strengthen the water-lipid layer in the skin. Similarly to sunscreen, you will probably see the benefit of using this booster over time instead of immediately. I’ll make sure to add some to my moisturizer for good measure.

Mineral – This one was also very intriguing. I haven’t given much thought as to how minerals play into a skincare routine. It contains minerals like zinc, copper and magnesium which increase oxygen levels, circulation and skin detoxification. Similar to the resistance booster – I didn’t see immediate results but a good one to add to your moisturizer. I used to use copper peptides mixed with hyaluronic acid when I used to do derma rolling and I still use it from time to time.

Collagen  – Speaks for itself. Collagen has been a big trendy word lately. Everyone is adding collagen to their coffees and smoothies in the morning. Bone broth is full of collagen as well. This serum is packed with collagen peptides to tighten and plump your skin. I really liked this one and because I am already taking collagen in my coffee every day. Adding more collagen to my face wouldn’t hurt.

Indeed is really big into creating their own proprietary blends of ingredients such as Revidrate and Phytenso I mention above. I know for some it can be difficult to recognize familiar ingredients you normally look for when you shop for new skincare products. But on the other hand, the new ingredients are exciting and very innovative – which Indeed labs is really known for.

There are six boosters in total – all at $22.99 CAD (sometimes $19.99 at Shoppers) for 30mL. You can also buy straight from the indeed labs website. Free shipping over 50$, free gift with purchase and 15$ off your first order. They want you to use only a few drops of each – but I just do a full pump on my forehead, and one full pump on each cheek. The glass bottle and pump are also big pluses in my books. Let me know if you’ve tried them and what you think! Comment below!


*-All info is taken directly from indeed labs website.

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  • Dipti
    October 15, 2018

    The ordinary products are really exciting! Indeed’s products look quite similar to them. I wish these brands were available in my country. 🙁

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    • admin
      October 15, 2018

      Indeed has been around longer and is a Canadian company so they’ve been in my drugstore forever. I hope the ordinary products stick around! Their price range can’t be beat 👍

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Customize your Skincare with Indeed Labs Boosters