Friday Links | Have a great weekend!

Wow! We are already at October?! Did anyone see September? That went by way to quickly to my liking! Which means we are having our engagement shoot this weekend! Woohoo! I can’t wait – but I am also a little terrified that it will rain or be very cold. Fingers crossed! Anyway – I wanted to share a few interesting things I’ve found on the interwebs:

How I’ve Trained Myself To Avoid Making Excuses

Poking Your Face With Tiny Needles Can Make Your Skin Look Amazing

A cool new podcast series for entrepreneurs and innovators – How I Built This

Speaking of podcasts, I’ve been obsessed with Being Boss podcasts and check out their blog! SO much knowledge on blogging, starting your creative business or just how to be a better you!

I’m designing my own wedding invitations and found this post super helpful!

A little bit of a crush on this coat. Not that I need it…

Only watch this if you’ve seen Stranger Things.

Did you know about this rule?

How an all-nighter affects your health…

One of my favourite lifestyle bloggers of all time finally posted her make up and brow routine!!! This woman is so seriously gorgeous! #browgoals 

Have a great weekend!

ps. #UnblemishChallenge Post 1 and 2 month coming up next week!

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Friday Links | Have a great weekend!