Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by my little skincare, coffee, lifestyleΒ obsessed blog.


I am a chemistry graduate who is absolutely obsessed with all things beauty and skincare. I suffered from serious cystic acne during uni and spent all of my days watching beauty and skincare Youtubers, reading blogs and trying to forget I had “bad skin.” I stumbled upon one of the great minds of skincare, Caroline Hirons, and read her blog start to finish. I began to understand my skin and slowly began to recreate my non-existent skincare routine. And everything changed.

My skin and outlook on the world did a 180: my acne was virtually gone. I fell into a rabbit hole of hoarding skincare and beauty products – skyrocketing my Sephora VIB points like no other. But also on the lookout for lots of local and natural beauty products. One of my biggest passions is sharing all the things I’ve learned* throughout the years. I would tell my friends, family, strangers in the cosmetics aisle, job interviewees, coworkers, etc. tips, tricks and suggested some of my favourite products.

“Hey – can you write this down for me?”
“Thank you for recommending this to me! This really works!”

So I thought I would just start a blog to share helpful information and some of my favourite products and I haven’t looked back since. Blogging has become one of my favourite hobbies, other than baking macarons, creating new facial routines, doing hair masks, and DIYs – oh yeah. Big DIYer over here. I am no expert by any means* – I am just really, really interested in skincare and a bit of beauty here and there. I’m also a coffee snob and proud of it. Hence the name – salt and coffee, both beauty and foodie related – kind of like this blog. Thanks for reading and I hope you like it.


* – I am not certified by any means to provide anything other than general information and my own opinions on products that I personally purchase and use. Please do not consider my opinion to be a substitute for professional advice.