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I have been in a shampoo rut! I’m telling you! You know when you first start using a shampoo, you’re like “Thats amazing! I love this shampoo! Going to use this forever and ever!<3 <3” But then a few weeks pass you start to get over it. Well I’m here to assure you – that its not your imagination. If you’re in the know, you know that you should be changing your shampoo every few months and even weeks because your hair and scalp start getting used to the shampoo and it basically stops “working”. I have been in this rut for over a year. I found that my favourite shampoo wasn’t working as well as it did in the beginning – but I just kept using it because when I really like something I buy 983475982374 of it so I never run out. LOL! Am I the only person that does this? Anyway – I really needed a hair makeover! After seeing Kristin Ess work her magic with those slow motion brush out vids on Insta – I thought I would give her products a try. Fair warning though – the amazingness that I’m about to tell you comes with a caveat. Her products are only available in the US. Bright side is that they are very inexpensive (compared to my staple Lush shampoo and Oribe texturizing spray habits) and are available at Target (in the US). My husband was not too thrilled when I had to take a detour to buy 15 new bottles of hair products on our honeymoon in Hawaii! But let me tell you the overweight baggage fee was worth it!

Let start with the shampoo – because if you’re going to get just one thing, I would recommend staring with The One Shampoo. Its a shampoo for all hair types because its shampoo and you’re grown. First, I would like to address the texture and bouncy feeling of the formula. It feels very nice on the scalp and is the perfect viscosity to actually get everywhere instead of sitting on top of your head. It lathers well and I found that my hair gets very squeaky clean – on the second round. I always thought that doing two washes was just a marketing ploy to get you to buy more shampoo! But its really really not! I followed Kristin’s advice and used the first pass through to really get in there and do a good scrub with my knuckles. Then the second pass through with shampoo, your hair is really actually clean and stays clean for longer. Did I mention its sulfate free?

With the shampoo, you want to get the The One Signature Conditioner. Because I have fine hair, I normally find that conditioner weighs my hair down like crazy, but this conditioner doesn’t! I love it! It also prevents my hair from tangling and just makes it easier to manage in the cold – awful hair static is gone! It also has that same amazing jelly texture which makes it easy to actually spread into your hair. Leaves my hair weightless and soft.

If you need even more moisture, the moisture mask is where you want to go. Its called the Strand Strengthening Reconstructive Moisture Mask. I would recommend to use the mask instead of the conditioner if you have really dry and brittle hair because its very moisturizing. I also tried using the mask outside of the shower and then showering it out, but no – just follow the instructions and use it right after shampooing. It really needs to be applied to wet hair for best results.

One of my most favourite products is the Thickening Spray. My hair likes to fall flat – but not with this product. After getting out of the shower, I spray this right into the roots and generally a few spritz at the top of my head. I found that it works much better when you use a hair dryer – its almost like its activated by the heat. I usually like to air dry my hair, but this product doesn’t work as well. You can get crazy volume if you use a blowdryer and a round brush. Also doesn’t feel heavy at all or builds up in the scalp – I found that it washes out completely. Weightless volume – its meant to be as effective as a mousse but much easier to use and apply.

With the Thickening Spray, I have to use the Leave In Conditioner Spray right out of the shower. After doing a good scrub with the shampoo, my hair gets crazy tangled and is really hard to brush out without pulling half my hair out. With a few general sprays of this conditioner, the brush just glides through. It also really helps with putting moisture into my hair and keeps away the hair static.

After doing a blow-dry and maybe even throw some waves in there with my flat iron, I’ll go in with the Shine Working Serum. I’ve yet to really see the best way to use this product for me, but I just do one pump and run it through the top my hair down to add shine. I haven’t seen that it does anything else yet – but what I’ve found with these products is they are very versatile. I want to dry doing a very slick ponytail with this serum.

If I need more oomph for going out on the town – I’ll add in the Dry Finish Working Texture Spray. This is really fun to use! Normally I just spray it all over and kind of play with my hair to get to where I want it. But this spray is really unique. The best way to use it is to spray upwards from the bottom of your hair. This will add texture all over and give you a beachy vibe. You don’t want to add to much otherwise it can gum up. Spray a bit and then wait. Its not as potent as the Oribe Dry Texturizing spray but I find that its actually more forgiving and workable. And I mean the price difference!

The one con I have – which for me isn’t really a con anymore but I know will be a big one for some. The whole line is heavily fragranced. Each product has the same fragrance with varying degrees of intensity. I actually really like the fragrance – its more high end than what you would expect a drugstore hair product to have and complements the types of perfumes I like to wear. However, anyone even slightly sensitive to fragrance wouldn’t like it. When I first started using the products, it was a bit uncomfortable with how much fragrance they had, but then I just went almost nose blind and it didn’t bother me too much. Plus my husband commented on how he liked the scent.

All of her products contain something called “zip-up technology”. Its a proprietary blend that smooths the hair strand and split ends while protecting hair from environmental damage and coloured hair from colour fade. Since using the products for a few months now, I have actually noticed that I don’t have as many split ends as I normally do. I also really like that the full ingredients list is available on her website – as well as tutorials and how to use the products. Very helpful! And if you haven’t already – check out her instagram. #hairgoals

Overall – I am in love with these products. Everything works so well – there are no duds in the range that I’ve tried. And theres so many more products that I want to try. I picked out the ones that I think I will get the most use out of and would work best with my hair. The range is very versatile and had products which work with every hair type! Theres even a cleansing conditioner! She also just launched a few more products – a loose styling powder (!!!!), water-based pomade. Can’t wait to pick more up when I’m down in the US! (Especially that hair pin!)


*not sponsored – I just really love the products!

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