I got a Lash Lift! Curled Lashes 24/7

Since I’ve stopped using my Rodan and Fields Lash Boost serum, I have to say that I have been hella depressed about my lashes. Lash Boost is not available in Canada and once I finished my promotional tube, I was in withdrawal. My favourite mascara just didn’t make the cut anymore and my lashes barely held a curl. I really didn’t know what to do. There are so many different lash lift options and I wasn’t sure if lash extensions was the answer! Until one of my dear friends, Polina from The Beauty Corner, reached out to me and said Hey! Lets do your lashes! And I said yeeeessss! running girl emoji

The Beauty Corner is a popular lash studio here in Vancouver, BC and Polina – the expert lash doctor has many different services available: real mink lashes to perms to Russian Volume lashes and even colour lashes. Just looking through the galley of her work is incredible. I love that each set of lashes look so natural and beautiful! The lashes really suit each person and thats where the skill of the person working with lashes really shines through. I knew I was in the right hands!

Because I am very low maintenance – Polina decided that it was best to have a lash lift and tint my lashes. This way the lashes last for a long time (+2 months!) and the upkeep is nothing different than what I normally do. A lash lift uses a very similar to the solution thats used for perming the hair on your head and it totally safe to use around your eyes. The perm solution is applied to the lashes and works by opening the hair follicle. The lashes are then curved and lifted over a silicon band by which the thickness of curvature of the band determined the angle or degree of the lash curve. Polina notes that it is very important to enhance the curve of how your lashes grow and avoid the ‘suprise’ lash so you won’t end up with a dent in your lashes as they grow. Instead the lashes will just continue to curve upwards as they grow out. Then the lashes were treated to nourishing oil to keep them moisturized and healthy. Here is my before and after:

The whole process is fast and easy. After the lash lift, Polina applied tint that was custom mixed to my hair colour. Tinting is really helpful for people like me where my lashes are blonde/transluscent so when they were tinted, it appeared that I had way more lashes than I could see before. I also really liked having my bottom lashes tinted as I normally find putting mascara on my bottom lashes looks very chunky. Since the lash lift and tint, I have definitely seen a huge difference in the shape of my eye – its more open and wide awake. It’s amazing to see that my lashes look as amazing as I do when I leave for work in the morning! Normally, my lashes fall down, the mascara goes all over the place and I’m in the racoon club by the end of the day. The lash lift is much more effective than having a good lash curler or good curling mascara! I highly recommend it! Especially for those of us with lashes that point down and have blonde lashes like me.

Even if you have no idea which lashes are right for you – Polina can help you choose which ones will better suit your eye shape and be the best for the look you want to achieve. I love that! Polina also has a really helpful blog for lash newbies like me. I would also look at booking with her as soon as possible as she books up really fast! Get your lashes for that NYE smooch or for #newyearnewme


PS. Should I mention that she also had a heated blanket for my appointment. #blessed

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I got a Lash Lift! Curled Lashes 24/7