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Who hasn’t heard of Glossier yet? Get on it! It’s one of the hottest beauty and skincare brands of 2017. They literally had like 4857487 launches this year! You Eau de Parfum (already a cult perfume product), Body Hero shower oil and body moisturizer, Wowder powder with their own brush, Invisible shield sunscreen, Boy Brow in Clear, Priming Moisturizer in Rich, Stretch concealer and most importantly, an extra large pink pouch. They also started shipping to Canada earlier this year and just recently, to the UK. Be sure – I was the first to get on that train and ordered my haul the first day they started shipping to Canada. Here are my initial and well developed thoughts on the few items I picked up.

I mostly focused on the makeup – I love the way Glossier looks at makeup and its so perfect for every day minimal colour.

Cloud Paint in Beam – the most perfect cheek paint. It has the perfect consistency and is very buildable. Mild shine – so if you want matte, I would not pick this up. I absolutely love this! It just looks like you pinched your cheeks.

Balm Dot Com – I got the Trio because I literally CANNOT choose. And I didn’t have to! I have to say Birthday Cake is my favourite! It has some glitter that looks terrifying in the tube that looks so gorgeous on the lips. It also smells like birthday cake! No taste though – which is probably for safety reasons. Cherry is my next favourite – it has a very beautiful wash of red cherry colour that just looks like you bit into a cherry. As a lover of all things Coconut, I got the Coconut and it smells like a macaroons and vacation. Yummmm. And of course – they are all so moisturizing and actually stick to your lips and stay there until you want to take it off or each a very messy sammich.

Haloscope in Quartz – “That highlight tho” – what I think to myself every time I put this one. Its soo easy to put on and can literally be used anywhere. I love using it on my face (cheekbones, down the nose and cupid’s bow), but also put on my my collar bones and shoulders on vacation in Hawaii to bring out that glow. Seriously – the best highlight. It has a moisturizer center which gives you moisture but also allows the highlight to stay and really glow! I love it. Not too greasy. Pro tip: Dab it instead of dragging on so it doesn’t smear your foundation.

Boy Brow in Brown – Iconic. Holy-grail. Takes less than a minute to groom them brows. My only complaint is that the tube is too small. I need a monthly subscription. The brush is just the perfect size to apply the brow gel to only the hairs because who has used one of those giant wands on your brows and got them all over your forehead. LOL – I totally have. Pro tip: take the brush and brush backwards aggressively through the brows, and then go through as normal. This will give your brows the most colour and is also the fastest way to get lots of gel through all the hairs.

Lip Gloss – Actually the reason I put the order in right away. This gloss is just so gorgeous and shiny – so perfect. Feels and looks luxurious. Mirror shine. Summer in a tube. Reminds me of those Juicy Tubes days but more 2017.

Next up on my list – um… everything. I have no control. I literally use every single one of these products every single day. I love everything. My only complaint is just that everything was a little bit smaller than I imagined, but the prices are great so I don’t mind. I really want to try the Body Hero shower oil and moisturizer. (The packaging alone – drool!) I’m not a big fan of shower oil but I’m ready for Glossier to surprise me. I really want to try the new You perfume – I’ve heard that its just the most perfect scent that is very personal but also universal. Kind of kicking myself for not getting the Generation G lip sticks in my makeup haul. The colour are so wearable and beautiful. Realistically, I want to try everything – but you can be sure those will be in my next Glossier post.

Glossier also does this beautiful thing of making combos of things people normally buy together and help you buy more Glossier save some money.


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