My 2017 Intentions – not resolutions…

Wow – the first week of January 2017 is already behind us! I have been taking the first week after the holidays to absorb and really reflect on 2016. Normally, I’m jumping in the new year with lots of resolutions and by about this time in the new year, I’m already seeing how the resolutions I’ve written down on December 31st may not become reality. This cycle of not really taking my “resolutions” seriously got me thinking. So this year, I took my time and have come to realization that even though there are definitely things in my life I want to change, such as my health, business, this blog, read more, learn a new language, etc. but I want those things to come from a healthy place not from holiday eating guilt for example. And so this year, I’m calling my New Years Resolutions my New Years Intentions. Here are my intentions and goals for the coming year:

  • Be more present every day and not just “get through” the day or week. Do things with intention. I find that weeks just fly in a blur and before you realize it, it’s been years. So I want to work on being grateful and take every day as a possibility, not just an average work week.
  • Choose healthy options with food, drinks and lifestyle. Try eating less meat and dairy. When I have so much going on, I just eat whatever and it really really affects me. Maybe its just getting older but also feeling run down from poor nutrition. I can couldn’t count how many times Ive counted an americano from Starbucks a meal when I was in a hurry. I also want to introduce more plant based foods and meals int my diet, not only for the nutrients but also environment.
  • Work on getting to bed earlier and generally taking care of myself better. I am awful at going to bet and waking up at the same time – I literally have no schedule some weeks. Not sure if this change coincided with the invention of Instagram as thats where you can normally find me at 1 am.
  • Wake up earlier and don’t rush to get ready for work – take time to wake up, eat breakfast and get to work on time. Speaks for itself.
  • Set long term goals to work towards. I’ve noticed that I haven’t set any long term goals in a while and I can see it having an affect
  • Set financial goals. From travelling to saving up for a down payment, financial goals are so important to achieve those things.
  • Grow my business. Rodan and Fields is such an incredible opportunity for absolutely anyone. I’m not a sales person nor do I have to run a store out of my house or track down payments or put on selling parties. All I do is talk about my skincare and this incredible company to friends, family and anyone I meet and get paid! And its so easy to talk about because I actually genuinely love the products! They are life changing! And this business is life changing! That’s just the few reasons why I love this company and looking forward to growing this year! I’ll be doing a post on why I joined Rodan and Fields soon.

Regardless of where you are in your life, YOU have the power to change it if you start practicing gratitude. It’s simply about shifting your perspective from “a problem” mentality to “a possibility” mindset.

Are you working on any New Years intentions?


Planner from Lorna Jane.

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My 2017 Intentions – not resolutions…