Week 1 | #UNBLEMISHChallenge

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Yay – its already been one week! I started the #UNBLEMISHChallenge so that I could document and review the Rodan and Fields UNBLEMISH Regimen and see if it helps my acne. If you haven’t read my intro to the new challenge – read it here. The UNBLEMISH Regimen is a three (four) step regimen – I followed the regimen described in the booklet that came with the regimen.

I’ve already gone over each product in Day 1 of the challenge – you can read my review here.

So what happened in week 1? Well, in week one – I used the regimen on mornings of Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday only! The reason for this is so that your skin doesn’t freak out and gets too irritated with the high level of active ingredients in the skincare. It more or less eases your skin into a new regimen. Kind of like when you’re starting to run – you don’t sign yourself up for a marathon on day 1, you go for a run around the block. But because I am so excited to use the products when I shouldn’t have, its like a kid in a candy shop who can’t get any candy. In the mean time, I use my regular skincare in between.

What I’ve noticed with my skin after a full week of using the Rodan and Fields Unblemished Regimen:

My skin is not oily. Like at all. Its a strange feeling, but it feels good! Normally my skin is a greasy mess by afternoon but I find that my skin is normal! Not greasy or dry at all. Which makes my makeup stay fresh longer!

My skin feels less irritated. We all know the feeling when a pimple is coming on. Well, I haven’t had any feelings like that all week! Its a new feeling for me.

Any breakouts I’ve had that were coming up, completely flattened and started to go away almost immediately. I’m a picker, so when a pimple dies on its own – its much better than creating new scars.

Lets do a quick before and after:

HUGE DIFFERENCE!! Most of the redness is actually just fresh scarring from a huge breakout I had right before our engagement party. There are very few actual pimples. Mostly blackheads, congestion and whiteheads. Before I started using the regimen, I was afraid of what my skin was going to look like for our wedding. Thank goodness I am in good hands!! I’m excited to start using the REVERSE regimen to clear up scarring after I finish with the UNBLEMISH regimen! You can bet I’m going to make that a challenge as well.

I would HIGHLY recommend to use the Solutions Tool – its a great way to better understand whats going on with your skin and what regimen could work better for you. Also, you don’t need to get a whole regimen from one line – you can change and switch products around!

If you’re interested in Rodan and Fields regimens – click here.

If you’re interested to learn more about the business – click here.

Can’t wait for week 2! I’ll be using the regimen every morning!


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Day 1 | #UNBLEMISHChallenge
Week 1 | #UNBLEMISHChallenge