Happy Weekend | Friday Roundup

Happy weekend internet – I have been looking forward to a weekend on the island since I’ve come back to the mainland. Looking forward to lazy crepe and coffee Sundays with a walk to the Empress rose gardens. Do you have any exciting plans this weekend? Heres a quick roundup of links from this week:

This blog called Foxy Cheeks (how cute?!), although in German, is beautiful! Lovely design that might motivate me to revisit learning German from first year. And it looks like we share some favourite products from September.

The Green Sofa – what a mammoth of chic living room design! Absolutely stunning – a must in my dream house.

Absolutely one of the best 10 minute get ready tutorials I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve been following Maskcara for several years and been wanting to try her makeup/contour palette range, but its been so popular that my shade has been sold out. That dry shampoo as well – already in my Amazon cart.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m super into 3D printing. Although 3D printing has taken off, 3D scanning and software has been trailing behind. Vintage Revivals demoed a new 3D scanner with user friendly features.

Yoga with Adriene – Thank you, Vivianna Does Makeup for always recommending her video. Just went through the Yoga for Couch Potatoes. It’s so easy that you have no excuses for not trying it.

If you live in Canada, don’t forget to vote on Monday!!


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Happy Weekend | Friday Roundup