My Current Mascara: Guerlain Maxi Lash

The first day I tried this mascara, I knew I was hooked. Very similar to my all time favourite, YSL Faux Lash, but with a longer lasting formulation – not on the lids but in the tube. (The YSL is completely dry in 1-2 months of daily use). This mascara is still going on – no drying here.

Apart from the name that makes me think of tampons, the mascara is fantastic. Application is a breeze and I find that it takes me about 5 seconds to put on mascara as the formula and brush really work together in perfect harmony. Very creamy formula with a heavy handed fragrance thats typical of high end mascaras in a luxe gold tube, and a high price point. I don’t mind the fragrance because the formulation is quite good and in my opinion worth the extra cash. Soft but rich black, natural bristle brush (which I prefer) and non drying or irritating. The one “unconventional” feature is that it stays quite soft and doesn’t dry fully like most mascaras. You’re able to touch your lashes and it feels like they’re yours, not crunchy mascara lashes. However, this may cause some transfer if you have very oily lids. I do usually have to use a very light setting powder or wipe my lids half way through the day to get rid of any mascara smudges.

The one downside is taking it off. It is not a waterproof mascara, but it may as well be. From what I can see it is a heavy oil base formula and can only come off with a waterproof dual phase makeup remover. Where as using my favourite natural 100% Pure mascara, I could just wash it off with water and my wash cloth. This one will not budge. You can see there is some mascara left at the base of my lashes in the next photos.

Here is a photo of my eye with and without the mascara – no fake lashes and very light lash curling:

Guerlain Maxi Lash

When putting on mascara, I start at the base of my lashes and wiggle side to side and up to concentrate the product at the base for an appearance of thicker lashes. With this brush, 3-6 swipes is enough. I order to get my lower lashes, I squint and the brush is large enough to also get a small amount of product on there. Voila.

Have you tried this mascara? Any mascaras you would recommend?

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  • Amy
    October 16, 2015

    I haven’t tried that mascara, but it sounds really nice! I hate when mascaras make your lashes feel crunchy πŸ˜•. I’ll have to look into this, or the YSL one, the next time I’m out! πŸ™‚

    Amy |

    • Sasha
      October 16, 2015

      You should try it! I got a sample from Sephora online and thats how I got into it. Try the waterproof one if you get oily lids like I do – that will be my next purchase πŸ™‚

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My Current Mascara: Guerlain Maxi Lash