My March Favourites

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Monthly favourites are some of my favourite youtube videos and blogs to watch and read. I only had a few beauty favourites this month so I have tabulated my list of my monthly beauty and non-beauty favourites:

  1. Nails Inc. The New White in White Horse Street – The most beautiful off white colour. The formulation is excellent.
  2. Spotify and Drake’s New Mixtape – I’ve been putting off getting Spotify for such a long time, but when all the space on your phone and laptop are full of music you haven’t listened to since you were 15, it’s time for a change. I haven’t looked back since and I listen to it everyday. Especially, Drake’s new mixtape – If You’re Reading This You’re Too Late.
  3. Hannah Bronfman Insta – My #WCW everyday. Check out her website as well where she posts beauty, lifestyle and healthy recipes.
  4. Bite Beauty Lip Mask – Cannot love this enough. Wear it everyday. Read my review here.
  5. Rise Kambucha in Mint and Chlorophyll – My favourite kambucha to date. So tasty! It actually tasts like pop so it’s a great alternative to go with some zza.
  6. Nike Roche Run Knit Jacquard – Haven’t taken these off.
  7. Tamira Jarrel/Lip Stick with Some Sunshine blog – Loving this blog. Beautiful girl with a modern taste on beauty and fashion. Love her videos – I always makes notes of my phone of products, bags or beauty tips when I watch her channel.
  8. Fiddle leaf finally growing new leaves! It has been some sad times when I brought my fiddle leaf home to see that he shed more than half of his leaves :'( They are so sensitive to change that I was afraid he would not recover. But now he is growing again! YAY!
  9. Morning cardio – I’ve taken some valuable advice and started to split my workouts. I would normally spend hours at the gym, cardio, weights, stretching – taking way too long. Now I do 30 min cardio before breakfast and work two days a week (I hate cardio – so this is more than enough) and 3-4 days of 45 minute weight training sessions a week after work. Seeing results very quickly and feel like 30-45 minute commitments at the gym are not as daunting. Also, I kind of like sleepy cardio…
  10. Kevin Murphy Balancing.Wash Shampoo – After trying, what felt like 3498527 different shampoos – this shampoo fixed my hair and scalp. Review to come.

P.S. I finally received my Japanese/Korean beauty haul and have been busy testing out all the products – review to come!

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My March Favourites