My Skin Regimen | Product Empties

As promised, I wanted to do a post and show some products that may not have made it on to the blog but I have kept and used up to the last drop.

  1. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II – Loved every single drop. It really works like a miracle product – transforms your skin to look more youthful, like you drank 5 glasses of water and had a 14 hours sleep. Estee Lauder changed their formula to contain a complex which increases the rate of cell turnover and repair. Used this up in about a year. Not going to repurchase because I’m looking for something more natural.
  2. Avene D-Pigment Light – AMAZING. I bought this when I was going through a super frustrating and annoying phase of “I’m going to have lots of acne scars and nothing will fade them.” I saw a couple of posts on how to reduce the pigmentation of facial scarring and this product kept coming up and the before/after photos looked unreal. So I gave it a shot and it really does work. I feel as though it evened out some of the pigmentation I had around the “large pimple was here” pigmentation. Although there is still some left where the scarring was more severe, but where there was little but noticeable scarring, its been cleared up. I chose the light due to a more gel like consistency in comparison to the original which is more like a creamy balm. I might repurchase this again when it goes on special.

  3. Pai Camellia and Rose Organic Cleansing Balm – Love this. Have posted about it already here. I would love to purchase this but it is very hard to find and comes at a hefty price tag for a cleanser. I literally have to drive to another city to pick it up.

  4. Andalou Aloe and Willow Bark Toner and Clementine and C Illumination Toner – Both amazing. Both repurchased already. Excellent quality/organic products. Amazing price point. Cannot hype these two products more than I already do!

  5. La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume 5 – Although having a long and complicated name that does not give any clue as to what this product is, it is actually quite simple – It’s a classy French version of Polysporin. It was developed to help burned skin tissue (not sunburn, more like fire burn) heal faster and grow stronger. It is meant for putting on any rash, burn, scar, wound, bite, etc. Anything. It basically rebuilds and helps to prime the skin to rebuild faster. I used this as a hand cream during the winter months to reduce wind chapping as well. A lot of reviews I found used this on their face, but I found it to be way too thick to use on the face and my skin broke out when I left it on overnight. I would love to try their gel formula on my face and see if it will help heal up popped pimples (ewwww I’m sorry).

  6. [comfort zone] Hydramemory Hydramask and Cream Gel 24H – I’ve had these for a while and kept them just for this review when I was cleaning out the bathroom cupboard. Both of these products are from the Hydramemory line from [comfort zone] and it was one of the first hyaluronic acid products I’ve used. The cream gel is ok. The mask is out of this world. Its very very VERY good. Anytime I felt like my skin was pretty blah or over exfoliated. I would pop this on for 10-15 minutes and it was like magic. Plump and beautiful rosy skin. The masks lasts for a long time because you don’t need to use a lot as it has a similar consistency as a moisturizer/quite thin. I want to buy the mask again but not the moisturizer.

Any products you’ve used up and repurchased or didn’t like?

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