Wild Rose D-tox | Day 2

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Hi lovely peeps,

Day two was alright pretty awesome (I bought a sweet hat), though I did feel slightly off all day and felt those lovely laxative effects later on (TMI, I know). From all the research I have done about the D-tox and other peoples experiences, they usually start to feel not so great with epic side effects around days 3-5 and tend to get better around days 8-10. The little brooklet provided with the detox also states that if its too much for you on the third day then you can take a smaller dose (one pill instead of two). Good news is: you can eat most sushi on this detox! YAY! Bad news is: you can’t have soy sauce or miso soup. I don’t know about you but those are key staples in my sushi order. Your also surprisingly allowed popcorn with butter…I think. Not super sure about the butter thing because they don’t forbid it but don’t say you can’t have it either. VeryΒ confused about that one.

Anyways, Im definitely hoping for the best tomorrow because I want to be able to do things and go places without running for the nearest bathroom. Im also hoping I’ll have more to report or write about for you guys.



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